Our weaving has “FIBRA”

FIBRA is an invitation to explore, design and build possible futures through research, education and strategic design.



“The freedom of the artist has always been individual
but true freedom can only be collective.
Freedom aware of social reality,
that breaks down the boundaries of aesthetics.”

Lina Bo Bardi


Weaving visions, practices and values.

  • Dialogue between craft practices, experimentation and training.

Weaving threads, knowledge, stories and innovations.

  • Textile culture and innovative experiences.

Weaving networks and sustainable developments.

  • Bridges and projects between local, material and business culture.

Weaving futures.-

  • The art of weaving is a metaphor for research and co-creation in design and life.


Fibra was born from the vision of 3 researchers with different cultures and professional paths. And 3 points in common:
— passion for design, understood as thought, practice and value for many individual and social contexts regarding consumption and many daily life dimensions;
— care: an ethic -and a creative/proactive attitude- to be shared in projects aimed at professionals, companies, academia, institutions, startups and communities.

3 researchers and 3 cities - Lisbon, Milan and Rio de Janeiro - constitute Fibra's mobile and articulated playground, where observation, foresight, educational path and projectual activities arise from different knowledge, vocations, territories and histories—multiple identities, a talent resource and a network open to other dimensions, geographic and beyond.Fibra has a female soul, a design imprint and an intercultural, intergenerational and interdisciplinary texture. The projects we realize - ad hoc for different realities and needs - cross the research, training and consultancy fields.

“You do not just wake up
and become the butterfly-
Growth is a process".

Rupi Kaur


“Whatever inspiration is,
it’s born from a continuous
“I don’t know”.

Wizlawa Szymborska

The research area represents Fibra connective tissue and intelligence. Qualitative research dimensions open up different cultural, communicative and productive sectors and worlds, enhancing an exploration that combines scientific rigour and creative experimentation.
Fibra identifies and offers research projects and ad hoc courses closest to the needs of each reality, integrating different programs and tools, e.i.: sociocultural observatories, in-house research, netnographies, interviews and podcasts.

photography_ Alander Especie ©

With its contents, key points and perspectives, any research delivery can be planned and shared as a strategic consulting occasion, designing a path of knowledge and strategically applying the «insights» acquired.
Integrating research and consulting sustains further developments regarding Brand positioning, production, communication and more application areas. For example, nurturing innovative research and design processes; encouraging interdisciplinary activities; launching new products and materials; innovating production and distribution projects; supporting «talents» (individual, collective and corporate) and territories.


The educational area is the circulatory system of Fibra. Future, Design, Community, and CreActivity: these are the 4 main drivers woven within our training proposals (various in format and duration).
In some courses, we work on practical learning, creative tools and active observation, focusing on industrial sectors, urban contexts, design and production areas. In other training projects, we highlight specific analyzes of theoretical and strategic perspectives on scenarios and trends.

These and other fundamental aspects of knowledge and experience for a critical and creative - and sustainable! - contribution to the construction of futures, are often integrated into courses, seminars and workshops for institutes, companies and public organizations.We design academic courses, thematic modules, lectures, seminars and workshops in collaboration with institutes, companies and foundations. Our vocation for interdisciplinary and intercultural encounters makes us attentive and proactive partners in strategic consultancy and the tailoring of training paths.

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it. ”

Toni Morrison


Our experiences and professional cultures are at your disposal to plan and enhance your experiences and projects: deepening knowledge and insights and envisioning perspectives and strategies for the future.
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Aline Monçores

Rio de Janeiro

"Designer, Educator, Weaver... constantly questioning today to build a new tomorrow."

With great interest in the dynamics among local culture, trends and consumption movements, which are dealt with by Aline in research, teaching and strategic actions in which she is involved. Research allows her to think critically about what is produced and how we produce it, a theme deepened in his PhD and Masters in Design at PUC-Rio and in his publications, such as books and articles (see links below). Her professional experience in different companies, such as Senai-Cetiqt and Frauline Consultoria among others, strengthens her market vision. Teaching, whether in undergraduate or open courses (PUC-Rio, UVA-Rio, ESPM, IED...), is undoubtedly the basis of her experiences in which she transmits and receives knowledge, building - together with her students - a pulsating experience! It is such a deep feeling that is only overcome when she is at the loom... an art that began in an intense professional and personal moment. Today weaving organizes her thinking, lets her to connects dots, and stimulates her thoughts about the details and the whole, harmonizing her being and doing in the world!Based in Rio de Janeiro, Aline is Fibra's Latin American arm, a continent so diverse where there are countless community references and support networks. The collaborative culture, with a strong sustainable imprint, has deep roots in Latin identities and feeds the local Textile Art. This scenario became a cradle for many innovations needed today, after all, the past teaches us, or, as the author Ailton Krenak would say, “The future is ancestral!”. Everyday Observer · Guessing Manager · A lover of Local and Ancestries Cultures + info_


Sabrina Donzelli


Anthropologist interested in cultural and social innovation

Dynamic, curious and with a vocation for relationships, she integrates research activities with editorial and training skills: a path that started from academic and professional training in corporate communication, then deepened in the area of socio-cultural analysis, trend foresight, consultancy and training at the Future Concept Lab international institute: almost 20 years of experience on scenarios and trends, focused for companies and institutions, in Italy and Brazil. The Master in Anthropology and Ethnology has improved her vision and understanding of contemporary complexity. As a teacher, speaker and event curator, she keeps alive her creative expression and her passion for different cultural dimensions.
He has held courses, seminars and workshops in numerous Institutes, including: Politecnico di Milano and POLIdesign; Istituto Marangoni - School of Design; Domus Academy; Santa Giulia Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia. He is currently professor of Cultural Anthropology at the IED-European Institute of Design in Milan for the three-year courses in Product Design and Interior Design.
Since 2013, she has contributed to the “Focus sui Trend” section of the weekly radio broadcast “Essere e Avere”, by Rádio 24.
As co-founder, she is the Italian soul of Fibra. Fabrics and textures have been part of her imagination, experience and daily life since childhood, with a sense of beauty and detail that she transforms, along with the possibility of creating shapes, between invention and rigour. A connected texture is the contribution of anthropology to contemporaneity, weaving dialogues with other disciplines and practices. Particularly valuing the role of design. Sense Maker · Critical and Creative Thinker · Player ResponsAbility + info_


Sofia Dias


Designer, Artist, Curious Mind and Future Activist

Currently, she is dedicated to futures literacy and creative stimulation projects through his brand, Dream it · Make it and through the talent activation space she co-directs in Lisbon, Raia Miúda. She is a PhD student in Urban Studies at ISCTE-UNL, where she is part of the Dinamia-Cet Territorial Innovation Laboratory. In academia, she directed the [Postgraduate in Coolhunting & Trends Forecasting at LCI-Barcelona] until the last edition, where she currently collaborates as a lecturer and external consultant. In parallel, she continues to teach in Lisboa, where she has been active in the sector since 2009.Sofia Dias is one of the founders of Fibra-studio, an international trend research and consulting network based in Brazil, Portugal and Italy. Sofia is also a textile art enthusiast.Sofia Dias's research focused on the problematization of the 21st-century pedagogies in the intersection with Design problems raised by post-normality until now, perceived as a critical moment composed by multiple crises; she is interested in the multimodality of the expression of knowledge and information.She is currently designing workshops in which she proposes exploring boundaries and opportunities in the encounters between humans, machines and algorithms in the act of creation.She considers that contemporary Designers face a mission in society's future that only can be accomplished in a design/research environment based on co-learning processes designed on exploratories and multiliteracies principles. Visual Thinker · Multimodal Explorer · Fiber Artist · Future Builder · Talent Activator · Learning Experiences Curator + info_*


Here are our contact references. It is also an invitation to "express" one's business or training needs to focus on and design new projects together.

Rio de Janeiro

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